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Ken’s Keyboard


When I arrived in June 2010, I had to learn how to be a PIC, “pastor-in-charge” (the designation used for a senior/sole pastor leading a congregation). For twelve years, I was able to refer all issues of policy to the pastor “in the next office.” Four years ago, I became that office. Your patience and sense of humor has been greatly appreciated during my steep learning curve, which is still on going. 

You are a marvelous collection of talented, gifted, and creative people. You all have blessed each other and me with your generosity and energy. God is moving amongst us “to will and work for his good pleasure (Phil. 2:13). Let us keep looking for where God is at work so that we may be there also.

[In earlier drafts of this paragraph, I tried to thank individually the many folks who have been especially instrumental in ministry. Many were inadvertently omitted and, in the end, I did not want to do that. Consider yourselves thanked profusely and hugged as appropriate.]

But then there is our Administrative Assistant Cheryl Young, a Catholic by family heritage but a Methodist by adoption. For me, and I may speak for the pastors who came before, she is the rudder, the fount of institutional memory, and an indispensable cog in our operations. Since she and I have worked more or less daily together, I greatly appreciate her advice and counsel as well as critiques (not criticisms). I value our friendship.

We will be confirming six youth on June 1: Heather Grant, Myha Knowles, Victoria Flores, Jared Cook, Tanner Gooding, and Wade Brosz. To the mentors in this process I extend my deepest gratitude for their participation and assistance. May God continue to bless their journey as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Briefly, my personal schedule over the next weeks is a hodge-podge. My household goods will be picked up Monday, June 2 and delivered to San Angelo on Wednesday, June 4. Therefore I will be out of the office (reachable by phone, as always) through Saturday June 7. Then I will be gone June 9 through 15, a combination of Annual Conference and a trip to California for daughter Jessica’s PhD ceremony. I will be back in Bandera June 16-20 for VBS and other activities. My final Sunday is June 22 and Rev. Larry McRorey will be installed on June 29.

I owe you all a debt that I can never repay. You have given me kindness and mercy, shown me humor and tragedy, and you invited me into the most private parts of your lives. I will always treasure my time with you. “Acts 29” is the theological equivalent to Paul Harvey’s “The rest of the story,” since Acts only has 28 chapters. The implication is that the readers furnish the “rest of the story.” Not knowing the future, but treasuring our past, let us say “a-dios,” “a-dieu,” or, in the memorable words of Tigger, Ta Ta For Now.

In Christ,


thank you note from the student who received the church scholarship

Thank you every one that has been a part of this great experience. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of the church and to receive the wonderful blessing of this scholarship. Thank you also to every member of the church for being supportive and motivational from the bottom of my heart.
Zadie Baker

Nursery News

Our nursery children sang beautifully for the church and their mothers on 
Mother's Day. A big thank you to Esther for her time with the children!

Mom's Morning Out News

Our program is doing wonderfully! Please let any local moms (and dads) 
know about us. The children are playing, learning about the Lord and the 
world God made, and are having a wonderful time with us, and we enjoy our 
time with them.

Staff Needed!!

We are looking to hire 1 to 2 more staff members to meet our needs. We are 
in need of new staff members who are able to work two or three Friday 
mornings a month, one Thursday morning a month, 1 Sunday morning a month, 
and POSSIBLY Monday mornings in the fall. Please pray over this and 
consider it in your hearts and/or share it with anyone you may know. I can 
give more details of the work opportunity and qualifications needed if you 
contact me. This is a big need for us so please pray!

Love in Christ,
Sue Cammack

Sweet Summer Time!  Youth Information

May has been marvelous! We rocked relay for life, earning over $500 from luminary donations and working at the event. Both spiritual and physical needs were fed each Wednesday for the students in our community. Confirmation classes ended with a dynamite retreat. Everywhere I look I am awed by the majesty of God and all he is doing through you all. Thank You! 
Coming up the next couple of months we will stay engaged in the lives of students here through camps, spontaneous gatherings, and retreats. 
Here are the major events and camps we have the oppertunity to join this summer:
June 16-20 Vacation Bible School! We need lots of youth and adult volunteers for this to be a success! Contact Niki or the office for more information!
July 7-10 Beach Camp! $325. A week at the beach in Port Aransas with our conference kids to worship, play, and fellowship together. ( I still need a bus driver for this one, but the driver will need to be one of our adult leaders. Please consider this 1 week investment of time if you are able)
July 13-17 $300. Mt. Wesley Camp! Another conference camp, this time in Kerrville! Guaranteed as a week of fun and fellowship praising the Risen Lord with an outstanding group of young people!
July 28- August 1 Quest Ranch Mission Trip! We will be doing construction to help build homes for families in need. After a week of hard work we will wrap up with a day at Schlitterbahn to relax on our way home! 

Partial and full scholarships are available upon request.

Please note that each of these trips require adult sponsors to go. Without enough able leaders the STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO! Please let me know if you would like any more information on any of this. 

We will meet throughout the summer for spontaneous gatherings. To be on the text blast for what will be happening each week contact me! Frisbee, paintball, and much more lie ahead thus summer! I look forward to seeing all of our kiddos as we live and learn together.


Kitchen Request

Containers or dishes that belong to people need to be picked up in the church kitchen.  That corner is FULL.

Music Information

“I worship you with all my heart.” Psalm 119:10
May was a good and busy month for the Bandera UMC music ministry.
A special “thank you” must be said to all the children and youth that participated in worship on Mother’s Day. We look forward to your participation on VBS Sunday in June. The children will be singing VBS songs in both services.
The Jubilation Hand bell Choir rang in service after many months of silence. Thank you, bell choir, for making it possible with your participation. The hand bells will be off for the months of June and July, but they will return on the third Sunday in August. Bell rehearsal will resume on Thursday evening, August 7thfrom 6:30 – 8:00. Anyone wishing to join the group is welcome to come.
The traditional service Adult choir is continuing through June before taking a break in July. It is a pleasure to work with this fun group of people. Is there a chair with your name on it in the choir? YES!!!! Come and join us at rehearsal any Wednesday evening from 6:15 – 7:30 (except July) in the choir room right off of the Sanctuary.
Our contemporary praise team is growing!!!! We are adding more “current” songs to our “mix”. Songs such as Breathe, Happy Day, Forever Reign, Shout to the North and the South, and What a Mighty God We Serve are coming in June. In July we will be adding some of the VBS songs along with Sing, Sing, Sing; In Christ Alone; I Can Only Imagine; and 10,000 Hallelujahs. The praise team practices on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 – 8:30 in the Sanctuary. I would like to see at least two praise teams of at least four people each become a reality by the end of summer. Would you consider being a part of this ministry?
Do you have some extra time that you would like to “donate” to the music ministry, but you don’t wish to sing? There is something for you too. Talk, text, or email Esther Cook. 210.722.0964 or
As always, you do not need to be a member of Bandera UMC to participate in the music ministry. Has the Lord been laying music on your heart? The Music Ministry needs young and “young at heart” to join with us both in voice and more importantly in prayer. May we be as the Psalmist and say, O Lord, “I worship you with all my heart.”

Esther Cook


PPRC met May 5, 2014 to take action on the 90 Day Plan the District 
Superintendent asked us to form to help our new pastor become acclimated 
to his new pastorate as quickly as possible. One of these items was to 
be a series of small group in home meetings. I was pleased to be able 
to tell Pastor Larry it was already on the agenda when he asked that we 
do just that. He even gave it a "snazzy" name PONDER WITH THE PASTOR. 
  These are planned to be pot luck dinners with the hosting family 
providing the main dish and drink. Ann and Bruce Martin will host the 
first on Saturday July 5, 2014 for the Pipe Creek area. As soon as the 
rest of the hosts are scheduled, you will be asked to make your 
reservation early with the hosting family in your area. I will post an 
entire list as soon as it is available.

There will be a RETIREMENT PARTY after the 10:45 service June 22, 2014 
after Pastor Ken's parting message. The following week, June 29, 2014 
there will be a WELCOME PARTY for the McRorey's following the 10:45 
service, Pastor Larry's first sermon. Both of these will be Pot Luck.

Let me take this opportunity to share with you my feelings on one of the 
"whys" the Methodist Church moves pastors from one church to another. 
No one pastor can meet the needs of every member of a congregation but 
every pastor meets the needs of some. If a pastor is not meeting my 
needs or expectations, then it is not my turn, IE my needs are not as 
great as someone else's AND I will certainly learn something along the 
road to the next pastor that will be sent to speak to me.

Karen Hoskelis

Kid’s Kingdom

Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Thank you to all who came to support this ministry at our End of the Year Program. We are blessed to have such supportive Kids' Kingdom and Church families that surround us . Not to mention a fabulous board! A big thanks and blessings to all.

Another school year has come and gone. Time to get thinking of next year. Kids' Kingdom Preschool is now enrolling for the 2014-2015 school year. We are accepting children between the ages of three and four. They must be potty trained. For registration or other information, please call Cheryl in the church office at (830)796-3849. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9a-1p. Or, feel free to call me at (210)912-8195.  


Susie Lewis

A Letter From the New Pastor

Greetings in the name of the Risen Lord! I sit here among a mountain of boxes and other stuff recovering from my most recent excursion to our soon to be new church home and family. I continue to be overwhelmed at the outpouring of welcome and generosity you have extended to Cathy and me already. As such, I’m not going to hide my feelings as to how difficult it is for us to be leaving the church we have called home the past four years and the friends we have made. There is not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t drop by the house or my office or paths cross somewhere in the community that we don’t end up shedding a tear or two or ten as we try to laugh and shake things off. We have had a “good run” at Beeville and it is very difficult to leave a growing church that is on fire for Jesus. I was naïve enough to take Bishop Dorff at his word when he laid hands upon me at ordination and said “Grow the church!” I took those words to heart and with the help of God and some great movers and shakers, feel we have done that and are doing that with great results. I fully intend to continue to do this same thing wherever we are appointed and for as long at it takes. I know our season of ministry here is coming to an end and we truly are looking forward to working along side you all as we begin a new chapter of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world at Bandera UMC.

Secondly, by now everybody knows my reaction to the new parsonage. WOW! Simply WOW! It may be the one and only time I have been speechless. I simply can not fathom the generosity poured out upon the church and the privilege Cathy and I have been entrusted with to be the occupants of such a lovely home. Rumor is the Bishop is envious and is considering relocating to Bandera so he may reside in the estate! All kidding aside, it truly is a beautiful home and we are in awe. We look forward to being good stewards and making it a home that serves the Lord and welcomes all in His name. Be watching for an open house in a couple of months!

Finally, I am thrilled with the staff I will have the honor of working with in the coming months and years. I don’t’ know if they felt the same, but I enjoyed my time with all of them and truly feel great and wonderful things are in store for Bandera UMC. There is a good spirit among the staff and I am honored by their trust in me. Many thanks to Cheryl, Kendra, Tom, Susan, Susie, Esther, Merrily, Dayna, Yvette, Sean and all the others for your hospitality. Thanks also to Karen Hoskelis, Don Giles, Larry Shoemaker and Dennis Thompson for their time and willingness to meet with me and share their wit and wisdom. Bandera UMC is in very good hands and God will continue to do a good thing among his faithful servants. I would be remiss if I did not extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Pastor Ken for his friendship, for his guidance, for his prayers and for his fine leadership the past four years. I can not fully express how awesome it will be to step into a church that is solid and building on a firm foundation led by Ken’s hand and heart. We go back a long way and it is an honor and privilege to follow in the footsteps of a man of his integrity and character. 

Please continue to include us in your thoughts and prayers as we pack and prepare to come that way in three short weeks. WOW! It’s really happening! Much grace and peace to you all and we will see you in church on June 29th!


Helping Hand News

April was a busy month at Helping Hand. Total individuals aided-204; total 
families aided-98, with 10 being new families to Helping Hand. Monetary 
value given away for food $28 ,440; clothes $4,850; household items $1 ,500; 
toiletries $750; furniture $2,500.

The Feinstein Food Drive for March and April was such a success: 2,473 
pounds of food was donated and $20,393 monetary funds were received at 
Helping Hand.

Our golf fund-raiser, held on May 2 at the Flying L was successful as well. 
Our total profit was $10,403.94, and all expenses have been paid. We had 
64 golfers participating and many sponsors, all making this such a wonderful 

The Nagel Clinic will have their dedication of their expansion in June. A 
definite date has not been set. Please check the local newspapers for a 
definite date.

Helping Hand is such a vital part of helping those in need in Bandera 
County. The support of our church and our members is such a blessing and 
greatly appreciated.